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Veteran Finance Teacher Reveals 4 Brutal Truths You Must Know To Survive Today's Volatile Markets and Become A Successful Trader 

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The game of speculation is the most uniformly fascinating game in the world. But it is not a game for the stupid, the mentally lazy, the person of inferior emotional balance, or the get-rich-quick adventurer. They will die poor.

- Jesse Livermore -

Dear Friend, as you read every word of this article, keep in mind the wise words of Jesse Livermore, one of the greatest traders the world has ever seen.

Chances are, you are reading this article because of the following reasons:-

  • You've gone for some unreliable trading courses and burnt your fingers badly, and you want to learn the "right" way to profitable trading. 

  • You want to grow your savings to support your retirement. You're looking for a low-risk and profitable method.

  • You aim to become a full-time trader as your situation doesn't allow you to hold a normal 9-to-5 job.

And chances are, you have seen countless online advertisements promising that you will be profitable with their simple and effective strategies, or you may even have attended some of those workshops, and you wonder if attending such workshops will help you become a better trader or be more financially secure in life.

Know that many traders share the same feelings and thoughts as you do. In fact, veteran trader, teacher & best-selling author Conrad Alvin Lim has been through the same struggles that people like you face.

As you read on, Conrad is going to share with you 4 Brutal Truths from his 12 years experience as both a trader and a teacher to more 2000 traders, and how it can help you become a more confident, intelligent and profitable all-round trader.

  • You want to build more passive income to grow your money against inflation and defend yourself against possible job loss

  • You're investing in stocks. You want to explore other instruments and methods to diversify your portfolio and give you greater returns.

  • You're paper trading and learning from books and websites. Your progress is slow and You're not getting the results you want

So Who Is Conrad Alvin Lim?

Conrad is an all-rounded professional online trader and the creator of the Pattern Trader Tutorial (2005). He started mentoring since 2007 and has since groomed more than 500 successful proprietary traders, bunker traders, brokerage owners, institutional professionals, dealers and fund managers. His Pattern Trader Community which currently has more than 3,500 members is still growing.

He is an expert in Macroeconomics, Sector Rotation, Defensive Analysis and short-term trading techniques like Swing Trading, Day Trading and Scalping. He specialises in a defensive and psychological approach to trading, based on his unique and simplified blend of macroeconomics and financial management that consistently produces profits and controlled losses.

Both a best-selling author and a regular contributor to financial-related magazines and newspapers, he has written the Secret Psychology of Millionaire Traders (2009) and the Winning Psychology of Defensive Traders (2014), and also written articles for INVEST Magazine (ShareInvestor) and Business Times. 

He is also a regular speaker at ShareInvestor’s INVEST Fair, the ATIC, Investor’s Exchange, UOB Kay Hian, RHB and has been a repeat guest speaker at Malaysia’s Bursa (Exchange), Singapore NTU’s Alumni, Singapore Institute of Management, Macquarie Capital Securities, CIMB, NTUC, Wealth Expo and more. He has appeared on Channel NewsAsia’s ‘Cents & Sensibilities’ and ‘Primetime Morning’, and famously called the bottom of the Sub-Prime Crisis on 'live' TV less than 30-days before the US markets bounced.

Let's Make This Clear. Trading Is NOT For The Get-Rich-Quick Adventurer..

The Following Are Brutal Truths Every Online Trader Must Know to Survive Today's Volatile Markets And Become A Successful Trader.

1. You Will Lose Money

Since I started teaching about twelve years ago, 

I have come to realize that there are many people out there who have no idea or the wrong idea about online trading as a source of income or even as an alternative job. 

Where did these people get the concept that trading is going to make them rich? 

What gave them the idea that it is as easy as reading a book, attending a workshop or learning off the internet? 

Why do they believe that they are the lucky ones who will become the next Steve Cohen, George Soros, or John Paulson? 

And what is it about trading that draws these disillusioned people into getting slaughtered like flies to a flame?

The answer can be found everywhere. It is called the Media. It is in advertising, in books, on the Internet in every website, and sold at every workshop inclusive of software. 

It is a sales pitch and you are not going to sell anything if you do not hype it up

I should know. I am in the business of trading and selling 

And I have always been at odds with selling the dream. 

This has been the case since the day I started selling a class. It was tough in the beginning. No one wanted to sign up for the class because I was too brutally honest. 

And the first truth I ever sold is this:-

"You Will Lose Money"

(Now, is there anything about that statement that you cannot believe?) Unless you banish any and all ideas of easy and quick money, you are likely to lose everything before you will wake up and discover, accept and learn from this first truth of the market.

Imagine you are sitting at home, waiting anxiously in front of your monitor for the MACD to cross over, to give a buy signal so you can pounce on your mouse to enter the order.

A few thousand km away in New York City, a trader on the floor says “buy”. The trader next to him echoes “buy”. 

“Buy” “BUY” “BUY!!!” 

Pressure builds up as traders fight to squeeze in their orders. Before long, the floor of the New York Stock Exchange explodes into a flurry of buy orders. 

Back at home, you are intently watching the market moving, STILL waiting for the MACD to cross over. It finally crosses. You click buy. 

Rubbing your palms gleefully, you daydream about the huge profit you're gonna take from your "perfectly executed trade". 

But who’s selling to you? 

The Wall Street traders who have already bought long ago and cashed in on their trades. 

Moral of the story: 

If you rely on charting software and indicators, you’re always going to be too slow. And this can cost you your profits. 

If you are serious about making money in the markets, you need to stop depending blindly on robots or buy/sell signals.  

At Conrad's session, you will learn what's really happening behind those charts — the traders' emotions and market manipulation that are driving the chart patterns — so that you can anticipate future market movement and enter at points of minimal risk.

2. Why Do You Trust Lagging Indicators?

3. Your Psychology Affects Your Pocket More Than You Think!

Here’s the truth: 90% of new online traders will “burn their fingers” within the first few weeks of trading. Then they'll vow never to step foot in the market again.

Why? Because people think online trading is easy. They read a few books, attend some trading crash courses, and think they know the “secret techniques” to making millions in the market.

Maybe their methods would work at first. They’d think they’ve found the “holy grail”. But sure enough, they’d lose their money all back again.

The reason is simple: While blindly following all the “trading formulas”, those traders overlooked the most vital link to trading — their very own psychology.

And that's why thousands of traders continue to make irrational decisions that sabotage their profits. Buying at ridiculous prices. Exiting when it's too late. They simply can't manage the stress, temptation and anxiety of watching the market go up and down.

That’s also why students of the Pattern Trader™ Tutorial trade using a 400-year-old Japanese trading psychology known as the Sakata Method”, a defensive & conservative way of trading and capital management.

Contrast this to the West which employs the aggressive “do-or-die” approach of “buy low, sell high”, the Japanese method is more defensive and gives more choices to lower our risk and protect our capital from being wiped out.

4. Critical Thinking - Essential for Gaining Clarity through Market Noise

Open the papers and you’ll find all kinds of financial headlines screaming at you.

“GDP Growth This Quarter!”  shouts one.

“Economy Contracts Q-on-Q!” retorts another.

What do we make of such conflicting reports?

You do not want to be one of those blind news followers who scramble to buy or sell based on whatever the "analysts" recommend.

So is the news still worth following as part of our trading strategy? 

It all boils down to how we employ critical thinking to unearth the truth beyond the surface value. 

Reading news is about statistical gathering and fact-finding. It's about knowing what is real and what is hype. It's about weighing current affairs with historical performance. It's about knowing how to defend against obvious threats and avoiding situations of confusion, doubt and divergence. 

And for us, knowing how to dig out the truth in the news is good news.

Most people think trading is about:-

  • Selecting, buying and selling stocks, and taking profits over short timeframes
  • Calculating the intrinsic value to select good stocks
  • Studying charts and following indicators
  • Fundamental analysis

That's not true at all. If you were to ask a professional about their opinion, the last thing they will mention is 'moving average crossover' or buy / sell signals. 

Yet years of exposure to advertising media and "trading   gurus" had somehow led us into believing that trading was about staring at charts all day and observing indicators for buy/sell signals.

How then, do the professionals trade?

They trade on the basis of Macro-Economics.

Macrotraders anticipate big moves in the market by analysing the long term economic forces that drive market movement. They keep a sharp  eye on monetary policies, interest rates, employment rates, inflation, and more. 

They use financial management techniques to minimise their risks. They apply technicals and fundamentals profoundly to manage their risks, and turn risks into trading opportunities. 

Some of the most famous and respected Macrotraders of all are none other than George Soros and John Paulsen. (Ironically, people often know their names but have never heard of their trading approach.) And that's how these top traders are able to take up low risk positions for short to medium term profits in any direction.

That's Why Professionals Swear by this Little-Known Strategy Known As 'Macro-Trading'

Keen to Learn More?

  • A transparent and honest account of my 12-year experience in the trading business        
  • Brutal industry truths and skills sets you must know if you want to succeed as a trader — be it full-time or part-time
  • The real difference between investing and trading (no, it’s not about the timeframe)         
  • How to trade wisely and profit in any market direction — bullish, bearish or sideways         
  • Discover the instrument that works best for your risk appetite, capital, lifestyle and trading needs         
  • How to identify and convert “smart risks” into trading opportunities (and avoid “toxic risks”)         
  • How to project the future of the economy by timing the market
  • Why Singapore remains an "amateur market" in the online trading industry despite our economic advancements         
  • The opportunities in macrotrading and two keys every profitable macrotrader looks out for         
  • How to defend your hard-earned capital through highly reliable and low-risk trades... using a 400-year-old Japanese trading psychology
  • How to master your trading psychology to ride out market irrationality and manipulation         
  • Where Singapore is headed in the economic cycle, and how it will affect our money

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Here's What You Will Learn

Here's What Our Students Say About The Pattern Trader™ Tutorial ...

As a proprietary day trader, I have never attended any other program as powerful and as informative as the Pattern Trader™ Tutorial. Conrad’s teaching is extremely practical and hands-on. Even as a prop trader, I have tremendously benefitted from knowing what’s real and what’s not. 

Conrad has a natural talent in cutting through all the noise and only focuses on what’s truly important in the financial markets. The lessons and wisdom even works in everyday life. 

I know of no other program that allows its students to develop and grow into trading styles that they are comfortable with. Initially coming from a non-financial background, I have learnt to be independent and flexible in my thinking and have become more financially literate. 

I wholeheartedly recommend the Pattern Trader™ Tutorial to those who want to make a real difference in their financial future.

Ramone Kok 

Penang, Malaysia


Mothers with children like Natasha have also benefited from the Pattern Trader™

Read on to see what she has to say.

Being totally green and financially illiterate, Conrad really helped me understand the basics of finance and economics, financial psychology and how to respect the market. If anything at all, I really learn to respect the market and do my due diligence before making any trades which is very important for anyone new to this. 

What drew me to put my faith in Conrad is his down-to-earth and genuine personality and attitude towards his students and lessons. His during-and-after support is also really fantastic and prompt. I could not have gotten a better coach than him. 

Desmond Aw


August 2017 

I have attended many TA (Technical Analysis) Courses but never knew why the market gyrates so badly. I was always at the wrong side of the market. Needless to say, I lost money and always had sleepless night when the Dow Jones tanked! 

Now, I'm so glad that I signed up for PTT as it’s the most comprehensive tutorial I have ever known and I have never regretted it. It’s money well spent and it’s worth every single cent. 

At least now, I know why market gyrates, the impact of the Fed Fund Rate, what are seasonal cycles and critical market entry timings etc. I have since attended the PTT Commodities & Futures class and the PTT Options class. Now, I am an active trader.

I strongly recommended PTT as the key fundamental course to attend if you want to learn how to trade as it will provide you the key knowledge to begin with.



Batch 77

"Anyone can learn Technical & Fundamental Analysis, but the psychology behind each trade is far more important".

Irene Soh


September 2014.

Conrad's Pattern Trader™ Tutorial (PTT) is the most comprehensive and the best-value-for-money course out of all the trading courses I have taken. For an affordable course fee, I learnt everything from macroeconomics to technicals in stock trading. Options, Futures, Forex and Bonds trading were also introduced in the tutorial. 

PTT emphasises on formulating a trade using a top down approach. First, using a series of macroeconomical, seasonal, fundamental and technical analysis, trades were identified. Thereafter, safe and conservative entries and exit strategies were employed to keep the trades healthy. In addition, Conrad also introduced a lot of tips, tricks and strategies to trade well and trade safe.

There are also lots of practice and guidance to help students gain confidence and experience in their trading. I would say that Conrad's guidance and the PTT community's post-tutorial support are priceless. One month after the course, these guidance and support has enabled me to earn some good gains (which I am proud to say). These guidance and support would definitely make me grow and gain experience as a trader in the years to come. 

I would say that Conrad's PTT is the most informative course that I have ever taken. I definitely got my money's worth and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is like-minded in trading.

Desmond Loy
August 2017

Desmond Loy

Conrad teaches economics and finance in a very easy to understand and interesting fashion. Not only do his tips apply to trading, it is applicable to our everyday lives as well. He provides a holistic approach and leave no stone unturned. This is my 2nd time attending the Tutorial and discovered that what he teaches is always current and relevant. He shares personal stories, real life experiences and even setbacks

I am very thankful that I took up his Tutorial to introduce myself to the world of finance to be able to protect myself against the risks (by taking calculated risk) against the various financial instruments. 

My financial management has improved after putting what I learnt into practice and this had led to an improved family life, whereby I have started growing my children’s savings into their future study funds

Thank you, Conrad! Your teachings have impacted me and my husband’s lives for the better.

Natasha Bounaparte


2015 & 2017

The Pattern Trader Tutorial™ has benefited working professionals like Desmond Loy

Read on to see what he has to say.

Proprietary traders like Ramone endorse the Pattern Trader™

Read on to see what he has to say.

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